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Jason Manly



It is the embodiment of the lifestyle and philosophy of MMA fighter, coach, and champion Jason Manly. Our journey as a company began with his journey as an athlete.

An 80s Kid Raised on Martial Arts Movies

Growing up, Jason first got interested in martial arts by watching karate movies. Every time a new film came out with a new fighting style, he would beg his parents to sign him up for lessons.

When Bruce Lee was popular, he wanted to do kung fu. When Jean-Claude Van Damme movies hit the box office, he wanted to learn kickboxing. This slowly progressed into an interest in every kind of martial arts under the sun.

Later in life, Jason got involved with the Gracie family. He joined a few friends training with Royce Gracie in his garage, which is where he fell in love with grappling. Soon he was training exclusively under Cesar Gracie, where he received his blackbelt, and eventually found his way into the sport of MMA.

An MMA Champion and an eCommerce Expert Walk into a Bar

KoreHealth was created when Jason met Jordan Rolband at an affiliate marketing summit in Vegas. Jordan came from an eCommerce background but was also a fan of the MMA scene. Since he trained and boxed regularly, they hit it off right away.

Jason and Jordan started brainstorming ideas for a project they could work on together, and one of the ideas that continually surfaced was a recovery-focused sports and fitness line. A year later, KoreHealth was born.

No Tips, Tricks, or Shortcuts

Throughout his life, people have been asking Jason for fitness advice, tips, and tricks for losing weight or putting on muscle. He always tells them the same thing:

There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting into shape. Health and fitness are not something that you can pop in and pop out of.

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