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KoreScale Smart BMI Weight Scale

KoreScale - Smart Weight Scale

  • Find out what’s really going on inside 
    your body
  • Stay motivated with fitness tracking 
    on your phone
  • Measure your health with the metrics 
    that matter
  • Reach your fitness goals faster with 
    essential insights



Fitness can’t be measured by 
a single number.

Your weight is part of the equation, but that’s not the whole story of your health. If you want to know what’s really going on inside your body, KoreScale will show you.

Our cutting-edge smart weight scale uses advanced Bioelectric
Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to scan and break down every aspect of your fitness.



Fitness is a journey and whether 
your goal is to bulk up or slim down, results take time.

Just because your weight isn’t changing, it doesn’t mean you’re not improving. KoreScale shows you all the ways you’re making progress by tracking 11 key health metrics:

  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Body fat
  • BMR
  • Visceral fat
  • Body water
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • Protein
  • Metabolic Age

Every weigh-in is automatically stored and graphed in the KoreScale smartphone app, making it easier to set goals and achieve them.

KoreScale can even be paired with other fitness apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health, giving you more ways to track your progress.



  1. KoreScale uses high-precision biometric sensors to measure your body with incredible accuracy — so you can feel confident with your results and be proud of your progress.
  2. BMI – Body Mass Index helps put your weight in perspective with your body type and tells you if you’re at risk for conditions like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes.
  3. Body Fat – When your goal is to shed a few pounds, body fat is your target. It indicates how much of your total mass is fat and helps you set healthy weight loss goals.
  1. Body Water – Water keeps you hydrated, but too much of it can cause bloating and weight gain. Checking your water weight is the best way to prevent water retention.
  2. Muscle Mass – If you want to increase your strength, you need to recruit more muscle. Measuring your muscles mass will make sure you’re gaining weight in the right areas.


  • Material: Tempered glass, plastic
  • Color: White, silver
  • Size: 26 x 26 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Power Supply: 4 x AAA batteries


  • 01 Download the KoreScale App on your smartphone or tablet and then connect to your KoreScale via Bluetooth.
  • 02 Place KoreScale on a hard, flat surface and stand with your bare feet on the platform for approx. 5 seconds.
  • 03 KoreScale will automatically scan, store and graph your health metric data on the KoreScale App.
  • I love it already!

    star star star star star

    Melody L.

    This is the best smart scale for anyone just getting into fitness (like me!). I looked at several other scales but they were all overly complicated (not to mention expensive!). KoreScale is super straight forward, easy to use, and tells you exactly what you need to know to get in shape.

  • KoreScale has made me a better runner!

    star star star star starHalf

    Vanessa L.

    Definitely recommend this bluetooth scale for anyone in training. I’m working towards running my first marathon this year and KoreScale has really helped me up my game. I’ve been steadily losing weight and gaining muscle, it’s been a huge motivator to stick with it.

  • Thank You

    star star star star noStar

    Aaron J.

    I’m in good shape for the first time in my life and I owe a lot of it to this bluetooth body fat scale. There’s just something about having all my health stats right there on my phone that pushes me to workout harder and eat better. It’s really rewarding watching those numbers tick down one by one.

  • It’s great to see how much progress I’ve made.

    star star star star star

    Fabio E.

    If you’re looking for a reliable bluetooth smart scale to help you lose weight, this is the one you want, trust me. I’ve tried fancy diets and gym memberships in the past, but they never stuck. KoreScale is the only thing that’s kept me motivated and made me feel like I was making progress.

  • Dieting is so much easier now!

    star star star star star

    Stella J.

    I’ve got a few friends with smart body weight scales and they swear by them, and now I know why! This has totally changed the way I think about my diet. I used to just eat whatever and hope for the best, but now I can see exactly what foods cause me to gain weight and how they effect my body.

  • You Won Me Over!

    star star star star noStar

    Summer T.

    I’ll admit I was skeptical when my wife ordered this. It seems like everything is “smart” these days. Do we really need smart bathroom scales too? Turns out the answer is yes! It’s totally changed the way I work out. It’s so much easier when you can see exactly how your body’s changing day by day.

  • My weight is finally under control

    star star star star star

    Kat S.

    My weight used to go up and down like crazy, so I asked my doctor and he recommended trying one of these bluetooth bathroom scales. I got KoreScale and that’s how I discovered it was all just water weight. My doctor helped me change my diet and now my weight is finally stable. Thank you!

  • The whole family loves it!... maybe a little too much…

    star star star star star

    Jonathan F.

    I got this smart body scale to help keep me on track with my new diet and it works great. Except now my wife and kids use it all the time too and I have to hunt through the house to find it any time I want to use it!

  • No-nonsense smart bluetooth bmi scale.

    star star star star starHalf

    Lisa S.

    I looked at a lot of other smart scales before I bought this one. Some of them boast about having up to 20 different metrics. Why? I don’t want to pay an extra $50 for “gravity compensation”. KoreScale’s got everything you need, nothing you don’t. Simple and accurate

  • I’m Finally Losing Weight

    star star star star star

    Stella S.

    Trust me, if you’re like me and you’ve been struggling to get in shape, this is the best bluetooth scale you can get. I love the way it graphs your measurements, it makes it really easy to stay on track. I’ve lost 10 pounds since I got mine!

  • My High-Tech Motivator!

    star star star star star

    Tiffany Y.

    This thing really is a FULL body composition scale. It shows you EVERYTHING: water, bone, muscle, fat… I finally feel like I know what’s going on inside my body! I weigh myself after every run and it’s been a huge motivator to stick with it.

  • Essential tool for anyone trying to bulk up

    star star star star star

    Vicky C.

    This is the best scale to measure body fat and muscle mass. I was hitting the gym for six months and I got super discouraged when I saw I had only lost 2 pounds. Then I tried out KoreScale and realized I had actually lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 13 of muscle!

  • Game Changer

    star star star star starHalf

    Sebastian S.

    This thing has been a total game changer for me! It’s an amazing digital scale AND body analyzer, you get to see literally everything that’s going on inside your body. Working out is so much more rewarding when you can see all your stats laid out nice and neat.

  • 100% Accurate!

    star star star star star

    Annika S.

    This thing is bang on every time I weigh myself. Any time I compare the numbers on my phone to measurements at my gym or the doctor’s office, they’re always exactly the same. Really impressive considering how cheap it is!

KoreScale - Smart Weight Scale

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