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KoreSurge Back And Leg Massage Roller

KoreSurge - Vibrating Foam Roller

  • Help your body heal and grow with
    powerful vibration
  • Roll out painful knots in large muscle groups
  • Accelerate your warmups and recovery sessions
  • Boost your flexibility and range of motion


Every time you work out, your body takes a beating. Micro-tears in your muscles lead to pain, stiffness, and swelling. If you want relief, you need to repair.

KoreSurge helps your body recover with two forms of deep muscle treatment:

  • LVT – Localized Vibration Therapy
  • MFR – Myofascial Release

Together, they create an advanced massage system that helps your muscles heal and grow.


KoreSurge helps build strength in your connective tissues to prevent injuries caused by strain. As you roll, the dynamic grid texture digs in deep to massage the layers of muscle below the surface.

Waves of vibration then stimulate the flow of oxygen and blood, improving your flexibility  and range of motion.


When stiffness and soreness break your momentum, KoreSurge helps you bounce back.

The vibrating core allows you to target knots, relieving pain and releasing tension stored deep within your muscles.

You can customize your recovery with 4 vibration power levels + Recovery Massage mode.


KoreSurge is the ideal recovery tool for breaking up large muscle groups
throughout your body:

  1. Lower Back – Lie down with KoreSurge beneath your tailbone, then roll your body up and down. Slowly raise your hips to apply more pressure.

  2. Hamstrings – Sit with one leg bent and the other sticking out straight. Tuck KoreSurge under the thigh of your straight leg and roll your hips into it.

  1. Pecs – Lie face down and place KoreSurge under one side of your chest. Hold your arms out and use your hands to pull your body from side to side.

  2. Hip Flexors – Get into a forearm plank with KoreSurge under one of your hips. Use your toes to rock your body from side to side.


  • Material: Silicone rubber, plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 14cm diameter x 33cm L
  • Weight: 1.39KG
  • 900 RPM, 1800 RPM, 2700 RPM, 3600 RPM, Recovery Massage
  • Battery Life: 20 hours (maximum run time)


  • 01 Turn KoreSurge on and press the center button to cycle through vibration modes.
  • 02 Place KoreSurge on the floor and lower the sore or tight area of your body onto it.
  • 03 Roll your body slowly back and forth until you feel your muscles soften and relax.
  • KoreSurge REALLY Moves

    star star star star starHalf

    Tiffany Y.

    I’ve tried massage balls before, but this was my first vibrating fitness roller, and I don’t think I can ever go back! It’s like you’re getting a massage while stretching. The last two settings are INTENSE, you can feel the vibrations through your whole body!

  • Amazing muscle massage roller!

    star star star star star

    Kelly D.

    It hurts so good! The grooves really dig deep into your muscles. It’s pretty uncomfortable when you’re rocking it over a sore spot, but it’s soooo worth it. I always feel a million times better after I do just a few minutes of rolling.

  • I get more out of every workout

    star star star star noStar

    Stella J.

    This isn’t just a vibrating massage roller, it’s a portable masseuse and trainer! I use it before and after every workout, and it’s been a total game-changer. I’m seeing bigger results in less time without any of the usual aches and pains.

  • It’s Really Powerful

    star star star star star

    Anthony C.

    I’ve tried other kinds of vibrating muscle roller tools at my gym, but none of them had this kind of horsepower. On the highest setting, this thing feels like jackhammer! It’s great for getting at those really deep knots.

  • Magic Electric Massage Roller

    star star star star star

    Vanessa L.

    I’ve had back problems my entire life, so I wasn’t expecting much help from KoreSurge. I didn’t see a lot of difference when I first started using this, but after a few weeks my back felt less tight. It’s been a few months now, and this is the first time I can remember waking up without back pain. It’s incredible!

  • This changed the way I warm up!

    star star star star noStar

    Evan M.

    I had heard a lot about vibrating pliability roller, so I decided to give one a try and now I can see why everyone’s talking about them! I used to rush through my warmups, but this thing changes everything. After ten minutes of rolling out with KoreSurge, I feel like a new man!

  • I’ve Noticed a Huge Difference

    star star star star star

    Vito M.

    I recently started working out with a trainer and I realized “recovery” is actually super important. He recommended I get a muscle recovery massager, so I ordered KoreSurge… and wow, what a difference this makes! I thought workouts were supposed to hurt, but now they’re actually enjoyable!

  • My back feels better than ever

    star star star star star

    Paul M.

    I got mine 3 months ago and I’ve used it every day since! It’s great massage therapy for lower back muscle spasms and cramps. I used to wake up every morning feeling stiff as a board, but now I’m more flexible than I’ve been in years!

  • Incredibly relaxing

    star star star star star

    Katie Y.

    This thing is the real deal! I get an amazing muscle relief massage every time I use it. Any time I come home from work or the gym and I’m feeling a little tight, I just stretch out with KoreSurge for ten minutes and my whole body relaxes.

  • Like a portable masseuse

    star star star star star

    Aaron J.

    It really does reduce muscle soreness – the tension just melts away. I’ve got horrible posture from working hunched over at desk for the last ten years, but every time I use KoreSurge, it feels like it’s realigning my whole body.

  • It Fixed Me!

    star star star star star

    David S.

    Highly recommend for massaging a pulled muscle!!! I screwed up my leg playing soccer and this helped me fix it FAST. Within 2 weeks I was back in the game!

  • Perfect Tool to Massage Rib Muscles

    star star star star star

    Dylan G.

    I pulled something in my chest while helping a buddy move a couple weeks ago. He let me borrow his KoreSurge and it was a huge help. I did about 20 minutes of rolling a day and the pain is almost entirely gone now. I liked it so much I ordered one for myself!

  • If it’s good enough for Tom Brady…

    star star star star starHalf

    Raymond L.

    I read an article about Tom Brady’s workout routine and muscle pliability massage techniques, and that led me to KoreSurge. This was exactly what I was hoping for! It cuts my recovery time in half and my let’s met get into workouts harder and faster.

  • Relief on demand

    star star star star starHalf

    Lisa S.

    It feels like professional muscle release massage therapy from an RMT. I normally pay an arm and a leg for this type of treatment, but now I can get it at home any time I want! I feel looser, stronger, and I don’t get nearly as many painful cramps anymore.

KoreSurge - Vibrating Foam Roller

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